Chidi Kwubiri: motionEmotion

Chidi Kwubiri: motionEmotion

Gallery 1957, Accra presents motionEmotion, an exhibition of paintings, installation and performance by contemporary Nigerian artist Chidi Kwubiri.

motionEmotion is the culmination of a lifelong dream of Chidi Kwubiri’s, in which he speaks to the power of music on the creative soul. The exhibition which features large canvases and two conceptual installations reflects on the spirit dance of celebration, joy, melancholy, energy, hope, and protest that music evokes in people. Here, the artist takes us on a journey across sound, rhythm, performance and dance, by presenting paintings that speak to the outer and inner manifestation of music on identity, the rise of freedom movements, and the impact of lyrics on society across different generations.

The works introduce a multi-layered, almost opaque world of colour and silhouette that gently seeps into visual consciousness. Utilising his characteristic dripping paint technique on large canvases, Kwubiri reveals expertly rendered hazy outlines of figures in motion and dance, in a sea of minute dots and drips. He presents a new monochromatic body of work with minimalist colour highlights alongside his signature colour palette, which reinforce the power of unity and hope against the socio-political tensions surrounding global immigration issues. His bold interpretations also touch on the impact of music on global youth movements by interpreting cross-generational rhythms, culture and political consciousness. The exhibition at Gallery 1957 shows the artist on a journey of sensory memory through paintings of cultural crusaders – such as afrobeat legend Fela Kuti and reggae prophet Bob Marley – juxtaposed against contemporary dances with their roots in Africa, including twerking, popping & locking hip-hop, and rap. motionEmotion is set against a backdrop of live music, freestyle instrumental and art based performance.

Born in 1966 in Umuahia, Chidi Kwubiri grew up in Nigeria and relocated to Germany in his twenties. He is a graduate of the Art Academy of Dusseldorf where he gained his Bachelors and Masters of Fine Arts and has spent the last 25 years exhibiting globally at prestigious galleries and museums in France, Germany, the United States, Russia, Belgium, South Africa and his native Nigeria.

Kwubiri has participated in significant exhibitions including LebensWert Arbeit, Museum Am Dom, Trier (2018); Ich bin, weil du bist, Museum Am Dom, Trier (2017); Italia Docet, 56th Venice Biennale, Venice (2015); Casablanca Biennale, (2014), Mother Tongue, Temple Muse, Lagos (2013); Theme Africa, Phillips de Pury, New York (2010); and The Internationals, Millenia Gallery, Orlando (2004).

The exhibition runs until July 30, 2018

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