At the age of 72, Nigerian literary icon Buchi Emecheta OBE passed away in the early hours of January 25, at her home in London.

She earned a BSc degree in Sociology at the University of London. It was during this period she pursued her passion for writing. With over 20 titles, Emecheta is today, considered one of Africa’s most accomplished female authors. Influenced by her compatriot Flora Nwakpa, her books are largely focused on the challenges women in African society including issues of inequality.

Her first article for a magazine, ‘Observations of the London Poor’ which became her first published novel In the Ditch (1972), dealt with poverty in London and the difficulties of adjusting to a different culture. It is described as a semi-autobiography because Emecheta drew her material from her experiences. Two years later, she published her second book Second Class Citizen. Other titles were to follow in her hugely successful career including The Bride Price (1976), The Slave Girl (1977), The Joys of Motherhood (1979), Destination Biafra (1982), and Double Yoke (1982).

Her legacy is hinged largely on the moral and entertainment value of her books. Emecheta brought to her writing, a cultural clarity and directness not seen in many authors. According to the author, writing was a release for all her anger, bitterness, disappointments, questions and joy.

We are grateful for Buchi Emecheta’s contributions to literature. She will be missed greatly.

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