Carly Whitaker: Bae Magick

Carly Whitaker: Bae Magick

From July 20 to August 20, 2017, Kalashnikovv Gallery will present Bae Magick, an experimental installation by South African digital artist, Carly Whitaker. It is a response to her online residency in early 2017. The online version explored casting spells in line with the phases of the moon, allowing the viewer to capture a digital energy. The spells enabled the artist and the viewer to prepare their space, set an intention, and through repetition, cast a bae spell.

The installation is an extension and physical manifestation of these ideas. The work looks at how relationships are formed, how relationships manifest and how they in end in the online space. We leave traces of our relationships and connections on our phones, in our most frequently used emojis, in our inboxes and on our newsfeeds, there is always a digital reminder of what was. Our phones are so intertwined with our identities, how we operate in the real world and how we communicate with people. There are patterns that exist between the IRL (in real life) and URL spaces.

We use the digital space to help us form connections. The internet can give us so much – instantly! There seems to be so many solutions online for so many of our problems – including love and relationships. It’s just one swipe or click away. But the truth is, that there are algorithms which govern a lot of the information that is presented to or framed for us. We construct ourselves online and build an algorithmic identify which could be seen as our digital aura. The digital medium seems magical; it seems so accessible. But is it? You have to be critically aware of the information that you receive and you have to be careful what you wish for.

Whitaker believes in a digital energy that exists within our phones and within our contemporary context – this exhibition is a manifestation of this belief.

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