Buki Animashaun: Becoming Mariam

Buki Animashaun: Becoming Mariam

From December 9 to 23, 2017, Omenka Gallery will present Becoming Mariam, a solo exhibition of recent paintings by fast-rising contemporary Nigerian artist Buki Animashaun. 

The exhibition features work from her, ‘Space Between Us’, a series that visually explores the formlessness of Nebulas through moving arrows and an interrupted background. It also explores the process of mutation flowing from the inside to the outside to a point of limitless existence.

Also included are works from ‘Success Metrics’, a series that focuses on symbolism and expressions that form principles of a community as the world becomes more digital, and on what it means to take care of each other in this digital world.

Employing acrylic paint on canvas, Animashaun’s oeuvre explores her understanding of community, juxtaposed over an understanding of Anglo-Arabian influences based on strong Yoruba feminine morality.



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