Blackamoores and Tudor England

Blackamoores and Tudor England

On April 25, 2017, Narrative Eye will present Blackamoores and Tudor England – The Untold History of an Influential Era by Onyeka Nubia. The United Kingdom Based Education Social Enterprise Uncovers The Hidden History of The Blackamoores: The Africans in Tudor England.

The series of events aims to educate and inspire people to interact with the hidden yet fascinating history of England. The Blackamoores series has been focused on promoting the organisation’s resident author, Onyeka Nubia’s book Blackamoores: Africans in Tudor England Their Presence, Status and Origins as well as work surrounding the African contribution to the World Wars through the Empire Needs Men projects.

The Blackamoores events are run as part of the Cityread London campaign which is a celebration of the power of reading to bring communities together. It is celebrated every April, across all of London’s 33 boroughs, with libraries at its heart and will encourage people from all backgrounds to unite, learn and participate. This year, Narrative Eye’s author in residence, Onyeka will be delivering three talks based on his research in Blackamoores: Africans in Tudor England, their Presence, Status and Origins.

Narrative Eye was born in 2001 as an organisation dedicated to promoting equality and social change through education. The social enterprise is dedicated to the production and promotion of creative works that document and challenge the inequalities and injustices faced by African and African Caribbean people in the UK.

Current research proves that the population of Tudor England was considerably more diverse than we have been led to believe. There was a notable population of African people living and working in Tudor England, providing skills and trades. The lives of these people are often omitted from the mainstream teaching of the Tudor period.

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