Black and white

Black and White

Absolut Art Gallery, Stellenbosch presents Black and white, a group exhibition by South African artists JH Pierneef, Rentia Retief, Marlene Dumas, Ben Eagle, William Kentridge and Schalk van der Merwe. Here, the use of black and white signifies the artists know exactly where they stand, as it creates distinction. Few phrases in the English language are more loaded than these three words. The metaphorical value of these words go as far back as the beginning. When there was light and dark.

For the artists, black and white means clarity. Favoured by the minimalist. A cleaner canvas means the viewer has more space to appreciate the beauty. The profile and texture underscores the beauty of the brush. Picasso was a proponent of the idea that colour weakens. An observation of his works, as well as show his obsession with line and form. While colour is by no means the dark horse in the art family, it is obvious that the absence of colour plays an important in role in one’s perception and attitude towards the picture. The absence of colour opens the door to our own imagination. According to American advertising and documentary photographer Elliott Erwitt, “Colour is descriptive. Black and white is interpretive.”

The exhibition runs until August 29, 2017.

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