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Be Kind Please Rewind

Be Kind Please Rewind

Gallery MOMO presents Be Kind Please Rewind by national and international artists Rehema Chachage, Carla Inez Espost, Francois Knoetze, Lucia Nhamo, Martin Wilson and Kyu Sang Lee.

These artists through the medium of film and video, seek to explore the various complexities of video’s relationship to the construction and perception of history and memory, by grappling with personal histories and collective memories, nostalgia, and storytelling.

The work of Zimbabwean visual artist Lucia Nhamo explores the counter-narratives and power relations present in her home country through performance, animation and video. Kukunguruka I & II are an animation and video recorded treatment of the Chiremba Balancing Rocks – the national monument and iconic symbol of the Zimbabwean currency – satirising the largest denomination of the Zimbabwean currency, the 100,000,000,000,000 (one hundred trillion) dollar note, while questioning notions of monument, memory, power, and place.

Cape Town-based artist Carla Inez Espost is a storyteller-artist. Her work, located betwixt art and film, integrates the private and the public to create new myths that help reclaim authority over skewed ideologies. Her featured work, Bettie & Clive, merges the disciplines of installation and video to create a paradoxal shrine to the ‘Afrikaner Apokolips,’ a pseudo religious monument questioning her inter-generational inheritance of a fragile and unstable construct.

Tanzanian multimedia artist Rehema Chachage investigates her own intimate stories and experiences of being a woman in Africa through the concept of inter-generational memory. She draws her inspiration from the daily encounters associated with living with her daughter, her mother, and grandmother, the muses from which she explore traditional cultural and religious rituals. In Letters To… video documentation of the post-partum ritual of Kukandwa is paired with text written by Chachage’s mother, tracing the artist’s own herstorical narratives.

Francois Knoetze is a Cape Town-based artist whose work incorporates video, performance and sculpture as he retraces the life cycles of discarded objects and explores junctures between material and social histories. Through his sculptural suits, the synthetic is welded to the human – bringing focus to the objectification of persons, through the personification of objects. An Africa Centre Artist In Residence Laureate, Knoetze created Visage pangolin piki piki while in residence at Nafasi Art Space in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Be Kind Please Rewind also includes a collaborative work between Martin Wilson and Kyu Sang Lee. Sculptor Martin Wilson’s work is deeply entangled in scientific enquiry – adopting and critiquing both its methods and values; particularly through questioning the legitimacy of any true objective knowledge in this unpredictable world. Korean artist Kyu Sang Lee’s work extends an invitation to the multifarious cultural spectrum, questioning the diverse tensions between a community and self, beliefs and subjectivity, memory and oblivion, and time and eternity. Wilson and Martin’s collaboration originated as an experiment in the use of video projection as a physical analogy for the act of remembering. By forgoing flatness for a more complex three-dimensional scene, the artists have attempted to emphasize to the inherent weightlessness and instability of any recollection.

This exhibition will run till July 15, 2017.


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