Bambo Sibiya: Ubuntu Ngabantu

Bambo Sibiya: Ubuntu Ngabantu

From July 7 to 21, 2017, Jack Bell Gallery will present Ubuntu Ngabantu by South African artist Bambo Sibiya.

Rich stylistic detail and textures mark BaJack Bell Gallerymbo Sibiya’s linocuts and drypoint works, which seem to give insight into masculine identity and community on the streets of Johannesburg. Sibiya has found inspiration in the social realists – Hogarth’s social allegories, Goya’s Disasters of War and Diane Victor’s Disasters of Peace – and has been strongly engaged with the theme of poverty in his local community, including the role of single mothers as heads of their households. In his current work Sibiya has shifted his focus to the lifestyle that developed around migrant communities.

Bambo Sibiya was born in 1986 in Springs, Gauteng, South Africa. He holds a certificate in fine arts from Mbira School of Music and Art, and certificate in art and design from Benoni Technical College. He has exhibited extensively in South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Paris as well as Sweden. Sibiya has received a number of awards including Gerard Sekoto award (2012); and Arts and Culture Trust award (2012).

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