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Tomiwa Yussuf has a background in History/International studies. With a strong bias for fictional art of varying forms, he contributes to a couple of literary blogs and is an in-house editor at When he’s not writing, he pursues other interests like digital marketing, social work and sports.

5 African Comic Artists You Should Know
Art, Comic Art

5 African Comic Artists You Should Know

African comic art – yes, there’s such a thing – is growing at fantastical speeds, flooding the entire continent with its fervour and all-consuming passion. Previously, the African comic fan-base...

May 05, 2017
A Tale of Two Comic Artists
Comic Art, Design

A Tale of Two Comic Artists

As far as comic artists come and go, the thirst to create is one thing they all share in common. It is the mental alarm that rouses them at night...

April 18, 2017
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Brymo’s ‘Klitoris’ in Review

A friend once suggested to me that Brymo was the musical male equivalent of Asa in Nigeria. That was after he had listened thoroughly to the ‘Klitoris’ album. As an...

April 08, 2017
The Art of Recycling

The Art of Recycling

No one genuinely likes waste, which is why we crinkle our noses involuntarily when we walk past a heap or pile of unwanted debris. Some of us don’t see these...

March 27, 2017