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Tomiwa Yussuf

Tomiwa Yussuf has a background in History/International studies. With a strong bias for fictional art of varying forms, he contributes to a couple of literary blogs and is an in-house editor at When he’s not writing, he pursues other interests like digital marketing, social work and sports.

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Music, Video

Tjan, Crooning his way to Success

As far as the Nigerian music space is concerned, Tijani Olasunmbo Fowosere a.k.a Tjan is a unicorn. This is made obvious by his vocals, which is perhaps the first thing...

May 24, 2017
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Art, Spoken Word

9 Promising Nigerian Poets to Watch

In recent times, poetry in all its several forms has been on a remarkable rise in Nigeria. Coupled with this growth has been an increased awareness and appreciation for the...

May 22, 2017
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Adekunle Gold’s Golden Album or Just Shiny?

He’s a Lagos prince from Isale Eko (downtown Lagos) who goes by the moniker Adekunle ‘Gold’. Although he claims its adoption was inspired after a soul-shaking church service, overall it...

May 17, 2017
10 Unbelievable Places in Africa
Art, Travel

10 Unbelievable Places in Africa

Industrialisation is arguably the best thing that has happened to man since he lighted the first fire – or even before that. Through it, he has created wondrous things like...

May 12, 2017