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Sara Emezi

Sara Emezi is an imaginative writer and thinker; her work is inspired by spirituality, culture, the everyday experiences of Lagosians, and the city itself —where she was born and raised. During her time at Corona Secondary School, Agbara, she developed a keenness for media, particularly journalism. In her penultimate year, she became the secretary of the Press Club where she spearheaded and co-anchored the weekly Press News programme at assemblies. Sara Emezi holds a Leadership Certificate from Harvard University, which prepared her for team leadership in course projects at Pan-Atlantic University, where she studied mass communication. She has an avid interest in football, literature, and gender discourses.

The Rise of Online Marketplaces - Omenka Online
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The Rise of Online Marketplaces

“The global art world has begun to adopt digital transformation at an increased pace; this is a huge opportunity for African art,” says Tamzin Lovell-Miller, the founder and director of...

April 02, 2021