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Alioune Diouf: Ubeku - Omenka Online
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Alioune Diouf: Ubeku

Ongoing at Selebe Yoon is the exhibition, Ubeku (“Ouverture”), a solo exhibition by the Senegalese artist Alioune Diouf (b.1964), following a two months residency in the venue. At the entrance...

January 15, 2021
Alexis Peskine: Fire Figures - Omenka Online
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Alexis Peskine: Fire Figures

Currently on view at October Gallery is Fire Figures, an exhibition of recent works by Alexis Peskine. This show follows on from Power Figures, Peskine’s highly successful debut show at...

January 13, 2021
Florian Wozniak: Dreamer: 30 Years of Sculpture - Omenka Online
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Florian Wozniak: Dreamer, 30 Years of Sculpture

From 27 January to 16 February 2021, Everard Read London will present Dreamer: 30 Years of Sculpture, a solo exhibition by Florian Wozniak, spanning three decades. Wozniak’s practice has been...

December 15, 2020
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Ibrahim Mahama Receives Prince Claus Award 2020

Ibrahim Mahama (1987, Tamale) is a visual artist who is actively concerned with improving social conditions. His powerful artworks bring attention to the precarious, frustrated lives many people endure and...

December 11, 2020
Sasha Hartslief: Patterns of Light - Omenka Online
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Sasha Hartslief: Patterns of Light

Everard Read CIRCA is proud to present Patterns of Light, a solo exhibition of new paintings by Sasha Hartslief at Everard Read Cape Town. “What interests me most in my painting practice is the emotive quality...

December 10, 2020
Penny Siopis: In the Air - Omenka Online
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Penny Siopis: In the Air

Presently on view at Stevenson, Amsterdam is In the Air by Penny Siopis. The exhibition demonstrates Siopis’ particular focus on materiality and the ‘life’ of non-human matter, extending her inquisition...

December 08, 2020