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AUC Art Collective to Host Dr Bridget Cooks for a Workshop with College Communities

AUC Art Collective to Host Dr Cooks for a Workshop - Omenka Online

Art historian, Dr Bridget Cooks will hold a session with students and faculty from Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College, and Morehouse to talk about interviewing artists and conducting studio visits. The workshop which is organised by AUC Art Collective will hold on March 11, 2012, at 3 pm.

Dr Cooks who is much-admired for placing Black Artists in the spotlight through her writings, and challenging racial narratives, received her doctorate in Visual and Cultural Studies Program at the University of Rochester. Currently, she is an associate professor of Art History and African American Studies at the University of California. In a recent interview, Cooks gives insight into thoughtful criticism and its significance in understanding African American art and art history. The forthcoming session with AUC Art Collective today will serve as an expatiation of this perspective.

A post by AUC Art Collective on Instagram gives a snippet on some of the perspectives Dr Cooks will be sharing during the workshop by attaching a pull quote from her recent interview with Artnet. She asserts, “I would say that one should approach every Black artist as a world maker. Artists are visionaries. Artists see things in a way that no one else can. They create worlds within their works and one of the privileges of doing studio visits or hearing artists speak about their work or being in conversation about their work is the joy of seeing things through their eyes.” This ‘perspective’ she speaks of is in congruence with the Black self-representation she projects in ‘The Black Index,’ a show and accompanying book that highlights artworks as a remedy to colonialist depictions.

She adds, “If you’re looking at the work of five Black artists, the deeper you look, the more you will see how diverse this group is. Expand your idea of what you thought Blackness was and what the limits of Blackness were in your mind.” The full article titled, ‘Approach Every Black Artist as a World-Maker’can be seen on Artnet’s online platform.


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