ARTOJA Releases its Second Portfolio of Fine Art Prints

ARTOJA Releases its Second Portfolio of Fine Art Prints

ARTOJA, an online marketplace and creative production company with a focus on contemporary art and design from Africa, will present its second portfolio of fine art prints, featuring artists Deborah Segun, Demola Ogunajo, Dricky Stickman, Lemi Ghariokwu and Williams Chechet.

The event themed Portfolio II, will take place at Miliki in Lagos from December 1 – 15, 2018, with an opening reception at 4pm.

ARTOJA produces limited edition fine art prints and offers signed and numbered multiples of artworks by contemporary visual artists. Their editions are produced with a Giclée printing process, using state of the art imaging technologies with archival papers and inks. Each print includes a certificate of authenticity.

Deborah Segun (b. 1994) adopts a Cubist approach in her graphic illustrations, incorporating fragmented and exaggerated shapes, faces and forms. Segun’s work alters the silhouettes of objects and people, playing with perspectives and proportions through multiple layers of abstraction. She describes her practice as a way of challenging her reality and pushing her imagination to create alternative ways to see the present. Segun’s works are inspired by her personal experiences, both physical and mental, in her daily environment and the people around her.

Demola Ogunajo (b. 1973) uses painting to explore the philosophical complexities of modern life. He is interested in the symbolism of objects, often with spiritual, religious or political undertones. Adopting a graphic approach with negative space and the technical rendition of forms, Ogunajo creates surreal narratives that allude to themes of transcendence, innocence and the dialectics of good and evil. He also pays special attention to the patterns, styles and trends of the urban environment, inserting a spectacular twist to our routine experiences. His work is influenced by the aesthetics of local sign posters and bumper stickers found on public busses in Lagos.

Dricky Stickman (b. 1994) is inspired by popular culture and urban style, often creating wearable art by painting directly on clothing, denim and handbags. Taking references from graffiti and mural art, his scenes adopt a youthful character in its caricature and spontaneous rhythm. In this series, Stickman imagines a futuristic vision of Lagos, merging together iconic elements of the city alongside flying saucers and space rockets. With winding roads, taxis and aircrafts, Dricky Stickman perceives the movement of the fast-paced city of Lagos in a technological era. He adds a local flavour to these alien objects, giving them Nigerian tags.

Lemi Ghariokwu (b. 1955) is an artist, designer and illustrator who is best known for creating many of the original album covers of celebrated Nigerian musician Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. Working since the 1970s, his artworks often comment on social and political issues in Nigeria, serving as the visual anecdote to Afrobeat music’s subversive messages. Ghariokwu describes his contemporary artworks as “Afro-pop” art, creating a unique style of illustration that includes bold, graphic elements with bright colours and reductionist forms. He is interested in the icons and characters of the everyday, celebrating the richness and diversity of African culture.

Williams Chechet (b. 1981) is interested in popular images that circulate in our culture, focusing on symbols of Nigerian society through a pop art lens. Isolating photographs on a coloured flattened plane, the images are taken out of context and overlapped with colourful accessories and texts. His recent projects explore the faces and characters of northern Nigeria, as well as the leaders, icons and images that have shaped Nigeria’s political history. His work pays homage to the pop art movement of the 1960s, with references to artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

ARTOJA aims to connect a global audience to the work of Africa’s contemporary artists, encouraging both seasoned collectors and first time buyers to invest in contemporary African art. Alongside their print editions, ARTOJA features a virtual gallery that presents a curated selection of original artworks, which are available online for purchase and delivered locally and internationally.

ARTOJA’s launch of Portfolio II at Miliki is proudly sponsored by Le Connaisseur.

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