For Artists

  • Sell your art to a global community of collectors and enthusiasts
  • Fair, transparent, and simple
  • Choose how and when you get paid. We offer secure payments by cheque, wire transfer or PayPal. Our support specialists ensure our artists and collectors are financially protected on every sale.
  • Free to create an account, non-exclusive policy
  • We work with you to handle shipping
  • Receive 65% on every artwork sold
  • Secure online payments
  • Artist protection

Get featured by Omenka Online

Omenka Online invests in giving you as much exposure as possible to new audiences through audiences:

  • Portfolio reviews
  • Personal recommendations to collectors and trade clients
  • Social media promotion to our 33,000 followers
  • Print and online editorial features
  • Paid online and offline advertising
  • PR support
  • The Omenka Online printed catalogue


The best digital technology.

Effective management of your time, better spent on making more art.

Painless Shipping: When you sell your art through Omenka Online, the collector pays for shipping, our specialist handle shipping, while you pack the work and pay for packaging material.

Manage your portfolio anywhere: Our robust mobile web experience allows you to add, edit and update artworks regularly.

Display multiple images of your artwork: Share up to 5 different viewpoints of each of your artworks, enabling collectors to get a better sense of your work before purchase.

Share your art with a global audience in new ways and across new channels

Create your online profile in minutes: Upload your artworks, complete your profile and we will immediately start sharing your portfolio with the Omenka Online art community.

Offers and Commissions: Omenka Online will on your behalf negotiate offers from collectors.

Art Advisory: Get handpicked by our curators for recommendation to a wide range of clients, from designers to architects to emerging and established collectors.