Arthouse Foundation: Tingyun Yin and Katrin Winkler

Arthouse Foundation: Tingyun Yin and Katrin Winkler

From November 28 to December 4, Arthouse Foundation will present exhibitions by Katrin Winkler and Tingyun Yin, in conclusion of their residencies.

Katrin Winkler is an artist and filmmaker based in Berlin. She works in the fields of expanded cinema, critical research, photography and video, examining how history is in-/visible and entangled with the contemporary moment. Winkler’s residency project in Lagos is inspired by the resistance of market women against British colonial powers in Nigeria in 1929, a struggle against the imposition of taxes. She connects this event with the Abeokuta Women’s Revolt in the late 1940s, led by Funmilayo Ransome Kuti, along with conversations with female merchants in markets in Lagos. Using photography, text and collage, her project explores the ways in which feminist organizing and women’s rights issues influence each other, as well as their international linkages. Winkler’s installation, titled Pass It On and She Will Know, is a continuation of the project she first initiated at the Lagos Biennial. The project follows her artistic research dealing with the consequences of colonialism, exploitation and the (in)visibility of histories.

Tingyun Yin is a Chinese artist currently based in Boston, USA. A former architect, Yin now works primarily in installation, focusing on issues of displacement and urban living. Her thesis at MIT’s Masters in Integrated Design and Management, titled “The Floating World”, simulated a world where cities lost their geographic base, resulting in space that is collapsed and floats on vast water. During her three-month residency in Lagos, Yin has continued to explore her concept of the floating city, creating an immersive installation that imagines a speculative future.

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