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Jaffer Modern, Cape Town in collaboration with Africa Contemporary Art is pleased to present Art of Everyday Things, a group show investigating everyday objects and aspects of our daily lives that inspire the emergence of creativity – as well as the unexpected mediums that serve as canvases. Running until 29 May 2021, the exhibition features Nyambo MasaMara, Laylaa Jacobs, Kevin Collins, Razia Myers, Hanna Noor Mohamed, Jeanius Exchange, Petrus Sekele, Petra Vonk, Ziyanda Majozi, and Coast and Koi.

Art of Everyday Things highlights artworks that are derived from, or stand in place of, everyday utilitarian objects, in unlikely mediums such as walking sticks, motorbikes, ceramic tableware and unique couture.

The artists perpetually upend the distinction between an aesthetic and a utilitarian decision. Challenging the viewer to examine gender identities, dystopian and fictional realities, as well as everyday innuendos in a whole new way.

Artists have always pushed the boundaries and challenged us. Over time, the purpose of art has been represented as expressing feelings or emotions, reinforcing a sense of splendour, designating experience, or exploring new ideas for their own sake.

The COVID-19 pandemic altered our engagement with art and how we interact with it in our daily lives. Digitisation and augmented reality have provided us with new cultural experiences. When our normal escapes or utopias were cut off, our ordinary possessions magnified. Homes were converted into art studios, libraries, restaurants, and classrooms. This is the art of daily life, being, and things.


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