Urban Axis

Urban Axis

Another Antipodes Inc. is poised to deliver one of the largest African art exhibitions in the world this year Urban Axis. An Australian first, the exhibition holds in Perth and Fremantle this winter and promises to showcase the “freshest” of new art from Africa. “Although there are a multitude of historical and cultural connections, Australia is yet to experience the richness of the African contemporary art movement, which has been taking the world by storm over the past several years.”

Curated by Valerie Kabov, Roelof Petrus van Wyk and Gerald Sanyangore, the exhibition will feature over 100 works by 44 Southern African artists, spanning all media from painting to video and performance, who assert themselves not just as important new voices in the world of art, but also important interlocutors for cultural engagement and dialogue between our two continents. Artists like Mary Sibande, Athi-Patra Ruga, Mohau Modisakeng and Larita Engelbrecht and others who have previously featured at MoMA NYC, Guggenheim Bilbao, Tate Modern and the Venice Biennale will headline the exhibition which is set to challenge Australian perceptions of African art.

“Like Australia, Africa is emerging from a colonial past to forge a new contemporary cultural identity, acknowledging the pain of the past and struggles of the present, but with eyes firmly on the future with courage, honesty and optimism.” Urban Axis lays the foundations for effective collaboration and artistic innovation across our two continents. Perth and Fremantle occupy a unique central place between Australia, Africa and Asia and together have the capacity to play a pivotal role in cultural exchange between these three regions,’ says Gerald Sanyangore, founder.

The exhibition runs till July 22, 2017.



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