Angus Taylor: In the Middle of It

Angus Taylor: In the Middle of It

From November 8 to 30, 2017, Everard Read/CIRCA Cape Town will present In the Middle of It, an exhibition of recent sculptures by leading contemporary artist Angus Taylor.

Known for his powerful, often monumental, sculptural works, Taylor works with an extraordinary range of materials from his immediate environment – Belfast granite, red jasper and the orange soil found near Johannesburg. The centrality of the artist has become increasingly displaced in Taylor’s work. He likes to say he is not the source but the conduit. The artist is a craftsman who speaks through the material but who also allows the material to speak through him. The granite he uses is estimated to be three billion years old – half the age of the earth. He also often plays with scale as another way of displacing not only the artist but the viewer. His large figures reduce the adult viewer to the scale they last experienced when they themselves were toddlers. Although the scale is distorted, it remains within our human experience – even if we have almost forgotten it.

The inventiveness with which Taylor tackles materials positions him as a post-modern artist making reference to traditional crafting techniques, but using them to create works that are unmistakably contemporary.

Taylor’s craftsmanship, bold and visionary approach and his original use of materials have resulted in landmark sculptures and many public and private commissions across Africa, Europe, North America and Australia.

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