AfroSoul: An Exhibition of Contemporary African Diaspora Art for Culture and Social Change

AfroSoul: Exhibition of Contemporary African Diaspora Art-Omenka Online

For over a decade, Ludlow E. Bailey’s CADA International has brought industry players and stakeholders in the global art scene together each year to showcase the work of contemporary African diaspora artists. This year will be no different as the global audience gears up for two major art events in December 2020.

First is the AfroSoul exhibition which opened with a preview on 6 December and will run from the 16 December 2020 to 28 February 2021. The exhibition is Bailey’s commitment to celebrating African diaspora art and culture—creating the show as a message of hope to inspire and encourage people of colour globally to focus on joy, resilience, renaissance, and black empowerment during these challenging times of COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, and political chaos.

According to Bailey, “2020 has been an extraordinary year for people of colour. Although there have been systemic attempts to mitigate both our presence and power; through Art and Culture we continue to show our determination to rise above the ignorance of racism. Consequently, the elevation and celebration of black culture is an act of resilience and rebellion against racial discrimination. The murder of George Floyd and the documented perpetual police brutality against African American males, ignited an unprecedented response to racial injustice and systematic racism globally. This resilience movement is an energy that cannot be dismissed, penetrated, denied or ignored.”

Sculpture by Basil Watson

Participating artists are; Jelili Atiku (Nigeria), Oliver Enwonwu (Nigeria), Manuel Mendive (Cuba), Roberto Diago (Cuba), Jallim Eudovic (St. Lucia), Ya La’ford (US/Jamaica), Armando Marino (Cuba), Whitfield Lowell (US), Hank Willis (US),  Rene Pena (Cuba), Basil Watson (US), Renee Cox (Jamaica/ US), Eli Kince (US), Stan Squirewell (US), Mikael Owunna (Nigeria),  Dr. Joyce Scott (US), Zeek Mathias (Haiti), Mark Fleuridor (Haiti), Willie Cole (US), Lawrence Walden (US), Johnnie Bess (US), Carl Juste (Haiti), Terri Meredith (US), Kandy Lopez (Dominican Republic), Saudia Jones (USVI), Curtis Talwst Santiago (Canada) and Robert McKnight (US).

The next major event is the Annual CADA Panel Discussion on ‘Contemporary African Diaspora Art’ which returns with its 11th edition at 2 pm – 4 pm on Sunday, 6 December 2020. The panel discussion will be streamed live via Facebook, and YouTube. Panellists include; Marie Vickles, Director of Education, Perez Art Miami Museum;  Valerie Cassel Oliver, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at The Virginia Museum of  Fine Art;  African American artists, Willie Cole and Stan Squirewell;  art advisor,  Roger Tucker; and Nigerian artist and gallerist, Oliver Enwonwu.

The focus will be contemporary African diaspora art in the age of COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter; the role of Afrocentricity in the production of Black art globally; and the influence of museums in the changing demand and evaluation of contemporary African diaspora art.

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