African Metropolis. An Imaginary City

African Metropolis. An Imaginary City - Omenka Online

From June 22 to October 21, 2018, MAXXI, the National Museum of 21st Century Arts will present African Metropolis. An Imaginary City.

Curated by Simon Njami and Elena Motisi, the exhibition, which will hold on the occasion of the second Italy Africa Conference and will display a detailed overview of the artistic and cultural scene of the African continent.

The project is realised in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and will present works of about 40 artists including Abdulrazaq Awofeso, Godfried Donkor, Nicholas Hlobo, Adboulaye Konaté, Pascale Marthine Tayou and Amina Zoubir, which will reflect on the on-going social and cultural transformations.

Through five chapters, the exhibition will present the complex structure of a metropolis in which the urban space is seen as a location for the coming together of diverse experiences in which tradition and contemporaneity dialogue.

The exhibition also features a commissioning project with the production of new site specific works and projects. The artists involved include: Bili Bidjocka, Meschac Gaba, Hassan Hajjaj, Youssef Limoud, Alex Mawimbi and James Webb.

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