Ade Adekola: Optic Nerve

Ade Adekola: Optic Nerve

On November 2, 2019, Optic Nervebetween line and colour, shape and form by internationally recognised, award-winning architect turned conceptual artist, Ade Adekola, will open at Gallery B57 in Lagos.

Adekola uses digital tools as his locus of creation in largely experimental manner, to explore pramarily the possibilities offered by digital image making. In this exhibition of new works, he offers the viewing public electrifying “transformations” that depart from historical subject matter specific to photographs. Fascinated with perception and how we as people come around to altering our spaces for the better, Ade Adekola reveals the philosophy behind Optic Nerve, which was borne out of contemplating a myriad of challenges endemic in Nigerian society. He believes that change within a society must first come from change within the mind of its citizens. To effect this change, he says, we must learn first to change the way we look at things. Playfully, he adds: “We must learn how to tickle our ‘optic nerves’ to fool our brains.”

Square, 2019

The artworks in the exhibition are optical inventions that explore new processes of image making and beckon on the viewer to look between line and colour, shape and form. Many of the pieces in the show indeed, call for sustained contemplation. Drawn from traditional and urban Nigerian culture, Ade Adekola’s photography can be considered as performative; it refers to and creates vibrant memories of a time, questioning the boundaries between individual and collective experiences.

His works are documented in several publications and are collected all over world.

The exhibition continues till November 30, 2019 at Gallery B57.






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