Aàdesokan: Almost Delirium

Aàdesokan: Almost Delirium

16/16, Lagos presents Amost Delirium, a solo exhibition of paintings by emerging Nigerian artist, Aàdesokan, running till September 24, 2017, the exhibition is an exploration of a state of delirium embodied by the artist for a particular period of time in his recent past.

Aàdesokan creates portraits centred on face perception. These genderless and ageless faces lack physiognomic accuracy, and are his way of conveying the emotion of trauma he experienced. The works contain a synergy of materials – nylon, petroleum jelly, acrylic, charcoal and sketches rendered in ink.

Aàdesokan (b.1994) is a self-proclaimed emerging abstract artist. His art delves into the complexities of the human mind and psyche. Trained as a mechanical engineer, he has always been regarded as deeply analytical and introspective mind – perhaps a consequence of having a psychologist as a father. His analytical mind is belied by an experimental work process which is highly intuitive. His works are reflective of his emotions at the time and he is often unaware of where his subject matter will end up when he begins to create.


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