7 Places to Eat and Drink in Kampala

7 Places to Eat and Drink in Kampala

Uganda’s national and commercial capital, Kampala is a contemporary hub that has several dynamic and engaging face, enough for the city to become one of East Africa’s most visited hotspots. The heartland of the Buganda kingdom, the city is rich in pre and post-colonial history, culture and tradition that lend a fascinating introduction to the beauty inherent in Uganda. Bordering Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake, Kampala’s streets swarm with hawkers, shoppers and the chaotic traffic jam that is signature to the city—A place where Ugandan and foreign cuisine can be explored. We bring to you the best places to eat and drink in Kampala.



One of the choice restaurants in Kampala, Mediterraneo can be explored during the day and in evening hours. Situated on Acacia Avenue, this open-air and cosmopolitan restaurant has the best to offer in specialty dishes that make diners crave for more. Mediterraneo’s seafood and continental dishes, fully stocked bar of local and international drinks, as well as atmospheric garden setting and handmade pasta, all place it as a top spot to eat and drink in Kampala. However, it is recommended that reservations be made before dining at the restaurant.



Pardis means ‘paradise’ in Persian, Pardis and is apt for this spectacular outdoor restaurant fashioned from timber and stone. Its open-air layout gives diners a peaceful atmosphere in which to enjoy authentic Middle Eastern cuisine and décor. With vividly adorned tables and vibrant glass lanterns that light softly at night, accompanied by exotic background music, Pardis is perfect for a group dinner or romantic date.

Café Javas


A unique coffee shop among many others, Café Javas is upbeat, impeccable and huge. Situated right in the middle of downtown Kampala, it boasts of an equally huge menu that offers everything from delicious breakfasts to freshly baked pastries and aromatic coffee. While the café stands out for its quick service, consistent meal quality and friendly staff, it is also famous for its spicy chicken and has several branches placed at strategic points around Kampala, making it easy to access for both residents and tourists.

Cayenne Restaurant and Lounge


A popular hangout for celebrities, Cayenne’s layout includes a posh poolside restaurant and bar with dancing on the deck. With an extensive international and local menu that caters to the needs of its diners, Cayenne is a great place to have an early dinner while watching people dance on the deck. Ugandan cuisine is heavily influenced by Indian food, the restaurant offers its share of local delicacies such as tikka masala and curries to make each experience a most rewarding one.

Piato Restaurant


Another beautiful restaurant in the heart of Kampala, Piato provides one of the most unique dining experiences through its wide selection of continental dishes from Africa, India and Italy. The restaurant also provides conference facilities to host a wide variety of events and private functions. For those who love barbecue, Piato’s grill section offers more than enough to keep diners coming back for more.

Faze 2 Restaurant


Popular for its live music and interesting menu, Faze 2 is one of the best places to hang out with friends in Kampala. Situated in a strategic location, with a pleasant scenery, delicious food, welcoming staff and even better service, Faze 2 has a romantic and relaxing vibe that is perfect for meeting people and making new friends.

Cafesserie Kampala


A blend of café and fusion kitchen, Cafesserie Kampala boasts of outdoor and indoor sitting areas, usually fully booked that exude a classy atmosphere to enjoy breakfast, lunch, happy hour or dinner. The café also offers a range of patisseries and healthy breakfast choices that allow visitors feel they are at home away from home.

So, here are the 7 places to eat and drink whenever you find yourself in the beautiful hilly city of Kampala, Uganda.

Can you tell us your favourite place, not on this list, to eat and drink in Kampala?



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