5 Reasons Why You should be More Indulgent in Palm Wine

5 Reasons Why You should be More Indulgent in Palm Wine

Palm wine has some magical abilities and in popular culture, will likely be classified as a superfood, a marketing term used for food with health benefits. In this article, we delve into many reasons why you should take this naturally potent drink seriously.


Its Ceremonial Role

Palm wine has its origins in various parts of the world despite being unpopular in the spectrum of other sophisticated wines. In Africa, it is usually referred to as matango, mbuh and tumbu in local dialects in Cameroon, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Kenya and Congo. In Latin America, palm wine is known as vino do coyol, as well as tubâin Mexico and the Philippines, where it is well regarded for its magical attributes. The buzz of traditional liqueur is the non-scientific proof of high alcohol content but its enzymatic effects. In this case, the drink usually produces a long-lasting intoxication over several days, as well as food poisoning if abused.

It is clear that despite its absence in every stall in New York or London, it maintains a cultural role. Palm wine is a favourite amongst the Igbos, Ijaws and several tribes in Nigeria. The Ijaws who refer to the drink as tombouse it traditionally to appease certain water gods; a ritual pivotal to their survival as they inhabit around water and must appease the force guarding it. The Igbos who also refer to palm wine as ngwo, use it for wedding ceremonies, birth celebrations and new yam festivals as a form of entertainment.


The Mother of Hardcore Spirits

When palm wine is distilled, it creates a stronger drink and is well known as ogogoro in Nigeria, burukutuin Ghana and afofo in Cameroon. In other parts of the world like Indonesia, it is called arrack, amongst other names like village gin,charayam and country whiskey. The common trait of the spirits derived from palm wine is their botanical element.


Aids Lactation

Women who are unable to lactate when breastfeeding suffer a form of anxiety probably linked to postpartum depression. If you know anything about maternal health in Nigeria, it is usually the woman’s fault when there is any setback between mother and child. Palm wine is often the go-to drink, and according to women who have tried this variation of wine, it always works wonders.


Produces Vinegar

Palm wine is non-alcoholic when freshly tapped until fermented. If it undergoes more fermentation, it converts to vinegar, which could be incorporated into meals that require acid to balance palates and aid digestion. All it takes is incorporating a small amount of acid into meals to aid digestion and alleviate acid reflux. Yes, acid reflux can be countered with acid if used appropriately and in small proportion. For instance, it is most useful to add a tinge of vinegar to balance out all the starch and sugar in a plate of pasta. Vinegar is also able to lower blood sugar and may help fight diabetes. Its protective effects against cancer cells is perhaps another miracle worth paying attention to.


It’s Affordability

While other regions have developed their local spirits through advanced technology, Nigeria has been unable to adequately research on the drink’s potential and advance export possibilities. However, it remains a favourite staple as it is comparably cheaper to the several imported spirits in the country.



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