Five Fun Things To Do in Lagos

Five Fun Things To Do in Lagos

Fun isn’t fun when it becomes rote. A fun trip to the cinema, mall or the stadium loses its spark when new memories aren’t being made and the patterns of pleasure become outrightly predictable. No matter how conversant you are with Lagos, when you feel bored, it’s time to introduce a bit of unpredictability into your schedule by diving into these adventures.

Go sight-seeing

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This activity is more daring but guarantees fun on the long run. All you need is a good camera or a functioning smartphone, a little cash, light clothing and good footwear. It’s also a good idea to go with a partner(s). The idea is to travel the length and breadth of Lagos in a day! Use BRT buses to get a feel of the real Lagos as people move about chasing their daily income. To make the trip memorable, you could make a short video documentary of the entire trip or a picture collage of people you met. There are many random things one could do on a trip around Nigeria’s most popular state and it is okay if you don’t cover everywhere in a day. You could always do it again!

Discover art

Omenka Gallery

Places to see in Lagos without much gallivanting are art galleries and museums. It’s easy to forget such places exist in Lagos! That’s understandable given the elitist tag, which is almost always attributed to art everywhere – especially in these parts. Anyway, perception isn’t the same thing as reality and art appreciation isn’t necessarily for select classes. Places like the National Museum, Kalakuta Republic, and Omenka Gallery amongst others are not just good for the sightseeing and art appreciation─ the selfie options are endless!;

See an outdoor movie

If you love the outdoors and you’re also a cinephile, then you should think of trying out outdoor movie viewing. And if you’re a romantic, you could also throw in a picnic with that special someone while you’re at it. Sometimes it’s not about what you do but where you do it and who you do it with. Think of your best sidekick, toe wrestling, stolen snuggles and secret understanding looks as the film reels on. I’m certain by now you get the picture. Secret Cinema and MovieNic on the Lagos mainland are easily the go to places for such an experience.

Kayak across the lagoon

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Maybe you’ve tried the first four activities or you find them not to be as stimulating as you would like, a trip to the lagoon front in Ikoyi for some kayaking should do the magic. The most important thing you’ll need is a thirst for adventure and an ample sense of daring. You’re required to book an appointment in advance and you can decide to go alone though it’s best to go with someone. Double the crew, double the fun! You don’t need to be a great swimmer to do this nor do you need to be an expert rower. There’ll be life jackets and lifeguards available for emergencies if any.;

Explore nature

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Not to put you on the spot but when was the last time you watched the sun rise? Or marvelled at the beauty of the orange-red big ball of fire rising up into the sky? Lagos with all its chaos can irritate anyone and it’s so easy to lose sight of the beauty nature offers freely in abundance. If you’re yearning for a timeout with nature, then your best bet is the Lekki Conservation Centre located on the Lekki Peninsular of Eti-Osa Local Government. There’s so much in there to soak, it’s natural and sure to refresh the mind. There’s a fishpond where visitors can watch tranquil Koi fishes moving about asymmetrically and tree houses with ladders to climb in order to watch the birds. There’s also a beach volleyball court for those who might want to set their adrenalin pumps into faster motion.

Do all these sound like what you need? Please drop your comments.


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