Harmonia: Sacred Geometry, The Pattern of Existence

Harmonia: Sacred Geometry, The Pattern of Existence

Standard Bank Gallery, Johannesburg presents Harmonia: Sacred Geometry, The Pattern of Existence, an exhibition of interdisciplinary work by artist, academic and curator, Gordon Froud. The show coalesces a set of ideas that investigates various aspects of sacred geometry in the world around us.

This exhibition is made up of an extensive body of work, of over 100 pieces that ranges from small-scale crystal glass works to a monumental 6.5m high polyhedron made from 18 giant road cones.

The solo exhibition extends beyond these iconic sculptural works and includes drawing, printmaking, digital imaging, embossing and even animation. Froud finds sacred geometry in the landscape, the cityscape, in the human form and spirit, reinforcing the extent to which geometry is inherent in both our corporeal existence and the patterns of the universe.

A result of longstanding research, the exhibition explores Froud sacred geometry across many belief systems from ancient Egypt, the Maya, Judeo-Christianity and Islam, to contemporary belief in aliens; the inter-dimensionality of beings and the authenticity of crop circles.

The exhibition is supported by a comprehensive catalogue to give context and grounding analysis to Froud’s 35-year career, including interviews, academic articles and an in-depth chapter by Froud on the work for this exhibition

The exhibition runs till June 15.

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