The 2017 PPC Imaginarium Awards

The 2017 PPC Imaginarium Awards

The PPC Imaginarium winners were announced on 18 May 2017 at a gala event at the UJ Art Gallery in Johannesburg. From a careful selection of 55 finalists, the winners were chosen by a formidable panel of industry heavyweights, including architect and director of the awards, Daniel van der Merwe, fashion and design consultant Allana Finley and well-known curators Stephen Hobbs and Zanele Mashumi.

In 2014, PPC extended its existing sculpture, fine art and industrial design competition (The Young Concrete Sculptor Awards) to include the creative disciplines of jewellery design, fashion design, architecture and film to form the PPC Imaginarium Awards. This ambitious art and design competition aims to provide emerging artists and designers with the opportunity to showcase their talents through the medium of concrete.

Last year, up-and-coming jeweller Mignon Daubermann scooped the top prize with her exquisitely crafted pair of tinted cement rings. This year, emerging artist Mziwoxolo Makalima impressed the judges with his thought-provoking sculpture submission titled Doubt-Queuing, securing him the prestigious titles of 2017 PPC Imaginarium overall winner and sculpture category winner, as well as a total cash prize of R150 000.

Makalima’s sculpture, which is fashioned out of concrete and mild steel, aims to be the voice of a voiceless, subjugated society. Doubt-Queuing represents a group of community members who have stood for so long waiting and hoping for change, and have remained as strong as concrete. The concrete represents the strength of the community that has had to endure a queue of unfulfilled promises that seem to have been extended ever since the dawn of social equality called democracy.

Makalima further explains the concept behind his work, “For our society, it is time to let go of ‘rotten’ reinforcing. This does not mean our concrete society has lost its strength, it only means it can make a stand. We are taken advantage of and treated as stepping-stones, while our votes only gave us seconds of fame. Today, we are tired of waiting and yet we go back to waiting. This waiting has become the trademark of our liberation, waiting, hoping for change. This is a long wait for promises made by those who call themselves leaders. Now, we wait because we are starting to think that maybe we should just be so grateful for our freedom that we should not want to be anything more than just voters.”

The competition’s category winners and runners-up also fared well in terms of cash prizes, each walking away with R50 000 and R15 000 respectively. All winners, including the overall winner, are also awarded with extensive public exposure by way of a nationwide travelling exhibition, media exposure and mentorships.

The 2017 PPC Imaginarium awards’ category winners and runners-up, classified per category include:


Overall winner and Category winner – Mziwoxolo Makalima, Doubt-Queuing; Runner-up, Sonwabiso Ngcai, Emweka

Industrial Design

Category winner – Handre de la Rey, CS Project; Runner-up – Deon de Lange, Kilroy


Category winner – Cara Jade Bezuidenhout, Concrete Journey; Runner-up – Tshepo Sizwe Phokojoe, Dawn of a new epoch


Category winner – Zanele Vilakazi, Alphga; Runner-up – Aleks Ashton, Cyberglyph


Category winner – Stefanus Nel, Ben’s Ladder

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