10 Unbelievable Places in Africa

10 Unbelievable Places in Africa

Industrialisation is arguably the best thing that has happened to man since he lighted the first fire – or even before that. Through it, he has created wondrous things like ancient artifacts, art and other essentials with which the journey towards perfection has narrowed drastically. Amidst all this human activity, Nature’s toiling hands although unseen have been relentless; not only consistently conserving the planet for man but also well making it beautiful.

Africa may be regarded as underdeveloped in many aspects but when the discussion is centred on continents with an abundance of natural scenery, even the most ardent of critics will yield that she is well-endowed.

That said, let’s take a peep at 10 unbelievably beautiful places in Africa, shall we?

Table Top Mountain

This beach city is regarded as one of the most photogenic places on the planet. If you ever visit and tire of taking pictures from ground level, you could always take a cable ride to the top of the mesa. This affords an unimpeded aerial view of the city as far as the eyes or your camera lens can go.

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Image credit: southafricanature.com

Djmaa el Fna

It is described as the ‘’world’s most mesmerising market’’, and may seem like being on the set of an epic Hollywood production – and rightly so, except it is real and you can feel the town breathe all around you. In this old market city, you will find fruit sellers, storytellers, henna painters and of course, snake charmers. It is a market that never sleeps.

Location: Marrakech, Morocco

Image credit: cdn.c.photoshelter.com

Sossusvlei Dunes

Maybe you’ve not been there but if you’ve seen the movie Mad Max: Fury Road, it is fine to assume you’ve caught a glimpse of it─ since it was shot there. Yes, we’ve all been to the beach and know how beautiful sand is, but these dunes are picturesque on another level having been created naturally for over a million years.

Location: Namib Desert, Namibia

Victoria Falls

Mosi-oa-Tunya (The Cloud that Thunders) a.k.a Victoria Falls is a 108-metre high waterfall and the largest curtain of water anywhere in the world. Its spray is unrivalled and was once recorded to flow at 12,800 cubic metres per second. It pours into the Zambezi River and naturally enough, has since become a World Heritage Site.

Location: Zambia/Zimbabwe border

Image credit: abercrombiekent.co.uk

Ikogosi Springs

Here in a hidden-away town, another of Nature’s many secrets is laid bare; a geological wonder which continues to baffle the smartest of minds, Ikogosi is where warm and cold spring water flow together then meet to form a confluence. Apparently, it’s an exception to the rule that similar birds flock together.

Location: Ikogosi-Ekiti, Nigeria

Pyramids of Giza

Listed among 7 wonders of the world, it could perhaps be described as the ‘eternally sleeping kingdom’. It includes the Pyramid of King Cheops, the Chephren Pyramid, and that of Mycerinus amongst others. To this day, it remains a source of endless awe for scientists, tourists and casual observers.

Location: Giza, Egypt

Image credit: planetware.com

Lake Nakuru

A haven for bird lovers, Lake Nakuru accommodates perhaps the world’s largest flocks of flamingos─ who lend a pinkish hue to the lake when they gather. That the scenery here is stunning is indubitable and visitors need not worry if they will glimpse other wildlife; rhinos, zebras and even the kings of the jungle also grace this lake.

Location: Nakuru, Kenya

Image credit: africapoint.com

Bazaruto Archipelago

A collection of small islands with clear turquoise waters, it is laden with aqua-life ranging from dolphins, whales, to dugongs and other exotic fish. The Bazaruto Archipelago isn’t known only for its aqua life though. Crested comfortably on this network of secluded islands is the award-winning hotel, Azura Retreats.

Location: Benguerra Island, Mozambique

Image credit: journeysbydesign.com

Nyiragongo Volcano

Fire is a beautiful thing but it is best loved from afar. Nyiragongo is among the continent’s most active volcanoes and was responsible for the displacement of about 500,000 people in 2002.  It reportedly contains a lava lake, which is absolutely stunning to behold.

Location: Virunga National Park, Eastern Congo

Image credit: vistanews.ru

Lake Malawi

About two centuries ago, a great Scottish missionary, physician and explorer described it as a ‘’lake of stars’’. This description is still accurate as the lake boasts the world’s largest gathering of tropical fish – 1,300 species as at last count. As expected, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Location: National Park, Malawi

Image credit: complexmania.com

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