10 Enticing Wines for Different Occasions in Nigeria

10 Enticing Wines for Different Occasions in Nigeria

“Wine is to bread what a contemplative life and Gnosis are to an active life and daily faith”. – Saint Clement of Alexandria

Wine, as a writer once penned, is many things to many people. To some, it is a passion and an investment, for others a hobby, meal accompaniment, beverage, or even a way to relax from the hustles of everyday life. But one thing that is unique about wine is its ability to offer everyone something to learn. Wine is packed with symbolism and is subject to the whim of its consumers. In literature, it is used to connote friendship and happiness, love, peace, transformation in life, as well as the sustenance of life. The love for wine tasting has become so embedded in our daily lives that many Nigerians have come to understand that there are different wines to celebrate different occasions. It is said that choosing the best wine to match a special occasion makes all the difference as it can make or break your event. To help assist in your selection process for the occasion you are planning to host, or the occasion you plan to attend, we recommend 10 different wines made in Nigeria. This will help you choose the best wine for the right occasion and the right dish.

Deebee’s Black Label


Produced by Deebee Wines here in Nigeria, Deebee’s Black Label is a smooth and exquisite white wine that is packaged like French champagne. It has a delicate bouquet and unique taste that leaves the taste buds of wine lovers tingling with admiration.

Deebee’s Black Label, as a white wine, is lighter and drier than red wine. It is best served during the earlier part of an evening or before the main course, and can also be served with rich tasting courses and creamy sauces. The wine also makes an excellent accompaniment with fish, seafood and salads. Perfect for toasts and special occasions, Deebee’s Black Label is recommended for starting an evening off on the right foot.

Deebee’s Soleil d’Or

Also made in Nigeria by Deebee Wines, Soleil D’Or is a sophisticated and medium- dry white wine that makes an excellent accompaniment with meals. Deebee’s Soleil D’Or needs a corkscrew and its packaging includes a wine cork closure of international standards.

Deebee’s La Tropicana

Deebee’s La Tropicana is a non-alcoholic red wine that is made from a blend of fruit juices. It is sparkling red and bubbly with a luscious fruity aroma and taste. With a full bodied nature, this wine is a great complement to hearty meals, especially pork, lamb, and poultry dishes, as well as spicy dishes.

Deebee’s Popapine

Deebee’s Popapine Wine was introduced in 1988. At the time, it was the only non- alcoholic, clarified and sparkling fruit juice to be packaged like champagne. The wine is made from locally grown pineapples and has a clear-cut advantage over its foreign competitors. Its advantages are its refreshing and revitalizing freshness, as well as a balanced mix of body and lightness.

Deebee’s Popapine can be accompanied with tomatoes, barbecue, roasts and poultry dishes. It can also be an essential, served at weddings.

Deebee’s Red Wine

With the taste of sherry, Deebee’s Red Wine is described as an “aperitif among aperitifs”. With a rich warm taste and rounded smoothness, it is an excellent accompaniment with main courses and can be served during the latter part of any occasion. So, if you are looking for a wine that is certain to please your guests, Deebee’s Red Wine is a great recommendation.

Jacobs’ Candid Wine (Red)

Blended by Jacobs’ Winery here in Nigeria, Jacobs’ Candid Wine is a light bodied, red (caramel) wine made from the fermentation of pineapples. A popular table wine, Candid promotes digestion, improves appetite, and is a perfect recommendation for those who love wine but are sugar intolerant.

Candid is an excellent choice for most dishes and occasions as it does particularly well with lamb, pork, and poultry.

Jacob’s Candid Wine (White)

Jacobs’ Candid White Wine is, light- bodied and dry, is also made in Jacobs’ Winery. It has an alcohol content of 10 percent and a mellow taste derived from adequate maturation that makes it the perfect table white wine. Just like Candid Red Wine, it is desirable for those who are not able to tolerate sugar but want something natural and healthy. It is suitable for both guests and family.

Jacobs’ Tonic Wine

Jacob’s Tonic Wine is an aperitif that is made through the fermentation of pineapples in Jacobs’ Winery, Nigeria. By adopting the exponential feeding method, an alcohol content of 15 percent is obtained in Jacob’s Tonic Wine. It can also be enjoyed as a dessert accompaniment.

Jacobs’ Topman Brandy

Jacobs’ Topman Pineapple Brandy is made by a combination of pineapple wine, portable ethanol, invert sugar and caramel. The tonic wine is blended to ensure a unique taste. The invert sugar is produced by the winery and helps to balance the high alcohol content while producing a mellow and rich wine, perfect for weddings and corporate occasions.

Jacobs’ Pineapple Wine

Jacob’s Pineapple Wine is a dessert wine that is rich in fruit, sweetness, and has a high alcohol content. The wine is produced by the natural pineapple pulp fermentation via exponential feeding. Perfect for parties and evening events, Jacob’s Pineapple Wine is a delight of fruity richness.

So, here you have it – a list of wines made here in Nigeria to suit Nigerian tastes.




Omachona Eguda holds a Bachelor's degree in mass communication from the University of Benin and is at an advanced stage of her postgraduate studies in communications and language arts at the University of Ibadan. She is a writer, poet, journalist, and works as a digital and media strategist at one of Nigeria's leading advertising firms.


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